This Episode is about resistance to the one thing that is only consistent in our lives – Change. My belief is that there are two types of humans – those who live in curiosity and those who take curiosity as a gateway to opportunity, evolution and experiences. Sometimes those who live in curiosity as just happy doing that. They’re happy living vicariously through others and it brings them joy that they can do that. And then there are those who make commentary, judgements and form unhealthy dialogue. Generally it’s because it’s coming from a place of regret or resentment that they weren’t able to live out their dreams for whatever reason.

The point of this episode is to encourage you. If you’re not doing something or living a life that makes you truly happy because you’re worried about what others will say – stop. It’s enough. You’ve lived your whole life this way and nothing is going to miraculously change. Unless you change the amount of validation and weight that you carry in other people’s beliefs about the way you life your life.

Surround yourself with your boldest cheerleaders. That unconditional support you get from your tribe. Fill your mind and your space with those voices, that energy – because at the end of the day, if you’re truly happy doing what you do and many moments of your life hold that joy, everything else, simply doesn’t matter.

Go be you. Go be happy. You don’t need mine or anyone else’s permission.

Ginni xo

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