Happy New Year everyone!

How did you spend it? I’m guessing most of you made New Years Resolutions? Did you know that stats say that 80% of resolutions fail by February? So we’re halfway on the way to failing already!

It was New Years Resolutions that actually inspired this episode. The very fact that when it comes to the end of one year and the beginning of the next, we make goals, resolutions, lists of things we want to achieve by the end of the next year. Naturally, this sets expectations.

What I’m more interested in, and where I feel I can bring you some value is, the conversation you’re having with yourself around these expectations. It’s a lot more important than you think. These words or goals we may put on paper is a promise we want (and hope) to make to ourselves. And when we don’t achieve these or set out to achieve these, this is where it impacts our self-esteem and crushes our hope. If you can, be mindful of your micro goals. Focus on the little steps. Break down the big goals into realistic and achievable steps.

Now, go have a loving conversation with yourself.

Ginni xo

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