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#2 We all have closets to come out of

Coming out of the closet has been a much celebrated step in the declaration of love in modern day. Going through life, we all have things about ourselves that we fear sharing with the world, or more to the point, fear coming out with. So we all can have a coming out story. Ginni takes…

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#1 A Ginni In A Bottle

She’s like A Ginni in a bottle…except she doesn’t grant wishes. Sorry about that. Join Ginni as she takes you on a journey of a young Sri Lankan immigrant woman growing up in Australia. Meet her aunties. Her 170 cousins (and still counting) and her love for ninja turtle figurines. This episode explores our adaptation…

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Everyone has a such a unique story painted from the experiences they share. I love talking to people and hearing about their stories. Sometimes I event talk at people and they feel they have no choice. Have your chance to say what you want to – uninterrupted! Click here to take me on your journey.…

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The Ginni Face

There’s an emoji for it. There’s now even a face for it. Submit your “Ginni Face” photo and join the fun that’s spreading across all of our networks. It’s a face that is guaranteed to make you smile. Join in the fun – send in your Ginni Face here.  Available on: iTunes | Spreaker |…

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