Today’s Monday Mocha is with someone who I’ve known for a number of years, but have never met. Remember back in the day when we used to have Pen-Pals? This guy is kinda like my pen pal except we’ve never written a letter to each other. I used to listen to his morning show on Proud FM in Canada and he used to listen to mine on JOY 94.9 with Adam Samuel.

We followed each other on Twitter, added each other to facebook – sent emoji’s across the web here and there, but we’d actually never spoken. So, this is actually the first ever conversation we’ve had, live in person. Not through listeners or any listening device, but an actual conversation.

What I love about these chats are they are so authentic – you have so much to talk about and you already feel like you know the person. Similarly to me, Chris recently moved to Phuket, Thailand for a radio job where he is the station manager of Live 89.5. We learn about how a series of events from being fired on air from his breakfast gig, having his TV show canceled and his partner break up with him that forced him to reassess his direction and landed him exactly where he is. Another thing you should know about Chris is that he has Brooke Shield’s eyebrows. Take a closer look.

It’s Monday Mocha with Chris Howson!

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