Wow, today’s Monday Mocha I could have almost done without the actual Mocha.

I’m kidding. Why did I say that? I hope the mochas didn’t hear me.

The episode had so much fire in it that you almost didn’t need a Mocha or any caffeinated beverage to get through it.

It’s no secret that one of my favorite podcasts is The Gary Vee Audio Experience. Gary talks a lot about hustle, hard work and making content. Dr. Chris Zaino DM’d me on Instagram about my podcast and said some nice things. Checking out his channel, I could tell this dude was the real deal. A true hustler and above all sets his purpose to drop pieces of light, truth, and authenticity in the world. Sometimes with time aligns and the universe presents you with an opportunity in the guise of a person, event, circumstance or place, you just need to be in the flow of allowing it to come through without question.

So when I did that, this awesome Podcast came to life! Chris shares his story about beating a terminal illness, his workout regime and morning practice which involves waking up at 5 am, reading, being inspired and, check this out – he has a phone holder, charger, and player in his bathroom. Safe to say we know what his answer to, “do you take your phone to the bathroom with you,” is.

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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Dr Chris Zaino & Sam Phelps
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Photos: Joey Middleton

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