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So, it’s the last Wednesday episode of Season 2. You’ll still hear my dulcet tones on Monday Mocha for the next few weeks but our special time together on Wednesday will be back in July.

I love sharing my Wednesdays with you. It’s a day I look forward to most and I love that people from all over the world; from places that I’ve only ever dreamed of listen to The Ginni Show. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This episode takes a little transactional turn in the sense that we look at ourselves and how we interpret love and how we use that to essentially “trade,” or interact with out acts of humanity. What’s really in our emotional bank accounts? Why do we always deposit and withdraw such emotions to “trade,” with?

I hope this episode serves you in learning a little more about yourself, what emotions we tend to turn to when we feel an uncomfortable situation and how we can filter out what’s good for us to what just is.

Wednesdays will be back in November my friends, but until then, enjoy the Monday Mocha episodes. Please be safe and happy ūüôā

Love @theginnishow x

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The episode makes a reference to Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages.

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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Missy Dempsey & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
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It’s the sixth Monday Mocha podcast show. I have loved the diversity in guests that I’ve had the honour of spending time with.¬†¬†One of the reasons why I wanted to start this particular series is to help change the attitude and resistance we have towards Monday which is essentially the mentality we go into the week with. By chatting to an inspiring individual, taking time out to have a coffee or a break – it’s a good way to ease into your week.

“I think friendships can be cyclical¬†based off where you are in your life. True friends understand how I care about them. You may not see them for weeks at a time, but you pick up where you left off. “

This week, we take a trip into the finance world and take a trip down Wall Street to have a chat with banker, LGBT equality entrepreneur and founder of Out Leadership – Todd Sears. Find out how he thinks Australian coffee compares to American coffee and how many times he hits the snooze button before he wakes up.

Follow Todd: @toddsears

Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher | Soundcloud | Google Play
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Todd Sears & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
NEXT EPISODE: Approved –¬†Wednesday, March 8
Photos: Joey Middleton