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Where’s your safe place? Is it a physical place you can go to and know that you feel completely ok to be yourself? Or is a space you go to when you meditate or a feeling that takes you there. For me, the feeling and the comfort that comes when I am in New York makes it my place. It’s one of the reasons why I love New York City, and its from this love that lead me to meeting our next guest. Eljay Aguillo was in a long distance relationship with a lady from Chicago who sent him a Joss Stone album request he listen to a song called, “I fell in love with a boy.” After realising that it was her way of telling him that she had fallen in love with someone else, heartbroken, Eljay moved to New York City in hope of one day running into his ex girlfriend in the city she loved so dearly. Three years later, amidst the sadness of his break-up, Eljay finally healed enough to gain the courage to listen to the entire Joss Stone album. As a reward to himself, he went to a party with his friends, leaving his credit card at the bar to shout everyone drinks to celebrate this long awaited milestone. In a twist of fate, that night, Eljay’s credit card got mixed up with someone else’s at the party and this lead him to meet the inspiration behind his amazing photographic turned published book: Why I Love New York City – his wife Maria. Eljay has captured and heard nearly 700 stories of love. One of my favourite Monday Mocha podcasts so far.

“There’s always a romance to being or doing something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do in your life. If you do that, you should look at it always as a positive. You did this for yourself and you did this because you love who and what you are.”

Follow Eljay: @whyilovenewyorkcity
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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Eljay Aguillo, Missy Dempsey & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
Photos: Joey Middleton
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I used to be very quiet in my pre-teen years. I was the quiet, unassuming student; the one that would be called “oh so obedient,” during parent/teacher interviews.

Even in my first month of kindergarten, I was so shy that the teachers tried to get me to talk by distracting me with sesame street toys and shiny objects.

Then one day, I was on the school playground and it was my turn to go on the swing. The teachers were delighted because they all seemed to be playing a game of, “Let’s see who can get Ginni to talk.”

I was the shy, chubby Sri Lankan girl who kept to herself and played quietly with the other kids. One of the teachers began her schmoozing; buttering me up so I would finally saying something out aloud. She tried asking me about television, my parents, food – she played all the right cards. Then, she finally exhausted all attempts and said, “Do you talk at all, Ginni?”

I finally gave in and shouted “Yes!” This was met with a look of relief on her face. She probably had gloating points for a whole year and was made the “Diversity Co-Ordinator,” at that school after that moment. You go girl.

Since then, for me, it’s gone from “Let’s see who can make Ginni talk,” to “Let’s see who can shut Ginni up.” What a journey.

And the same goes for podcasting! A lot of entrepreneurs now are turning to podcasting. It’s a great way to share the great knowledge you already have and network with other professionals, experts and colleagues in your industry.

As one of my favourite leaders – Gary Vaynerchuck says; with business these days; it’s likely that you’re a media company first. And podcasting is one of the many, many digital mediums we can use to be that kind of company. To commentate, inform and share key points of information about our industry.

Having worked for both live to air broadcast radio at commercial and community stations, I’ve found that podcasting is a great platform that breaks the usual censorship and red tape you have to be mindful of when it comes to the industry regulators the station faces. How you distribute your content and allocate time for your guests and sponsors is entirely up to you – if there is no affiliation with another station or broadcaster.

Podcasting allows you to share all your information with potential customers and existing clients in a more personalised way. The human voice has an influence and a tone of emotion that cannot be conveyed by text – no matter how much you can channel Hemmingway or Shakespeare in your writing.  This way, you have your listener’s attention. You have an exclusive human connection.

This is the place where The Ginni Show is different from your entrepreneurial podcast. Firstly, the content on the show is not really selling you any product, other than stories of myself and ridiculously large family. It’s these things that got you to my site and to the podcast in the first place. The fact that you take time out to listen to the show;to listen to me. In my shows I try to provide content in a way that’s unique but also universal in how it connects us all through it’s themes. Even though I’m telling my story – in my story, there is a shade of your story. That’s the most valuable connection we will have; more than any further leads or revenue; the connection of humanity.



Over the past three weeks, the world has been either in a state of shock, fear…some are seeking to be positive and others are just in a total state of W.T.F.

I didn’t want to make this podcast about politics, but instead I wanted to use what was going on around us to take time to see what was reflected within us.

With the constant fear inspiring rhetoric we hear in our news feeds and from our leaders, of course, it’s natural to be freaking the F out.

Sometimes the only way to combat such negativity is to start with ourselves. See where it is within us the places we started to build walls around our hearts and our lives. Where did we become intolerant of others out of anger or hate? Because they shared a difference of opinion or political belief? At what time did we separate ourselves from everyone else? Where did we fail to be the best person we could be and use love, peace and thoughtfulness as the foundation. If each and every one of us begin to cultivate that kind of unity within – what is without will begin to reflect that.

It’s the series finale of The Ginni Show and I wanted to say thank you to all of you for tuning in, for inviting me into your spaces, your homes, your cars and your bathrooms – Hola to the toilet phone users out there. Laugh and love that little bit harder and take extra care of yourselves and one another these holidays.

I’ll see you in January 2017.

Ginni xox

NEXT EPISODE: Season Two Returning January 2017
Wednesday, November 23
Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Missy Dempsey, Sam Phelps & Zoe
Photos: Joey Middleton
Branding & Digital: Szebastian.Com
Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher | Soundcloud


We’ve seen dynamic duos, fantastic friendship groups and the people you call “ride or die.” Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life, some of them stay for a season but it’s evident that each relationship we have in our life is for a reason.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to share many close friendships – not all of them are still around, some of them have faded. As these relationships were changing, I grew sad, unhappy and was clinging on for dear life that they wouldn’t change. But they unfortunately did. This episode explores the friendships that you outgrow, the friendships that evolve as you evolve and how you form your ride or die squad.

NEXT EPISODE: The Ginni Show Season Finale
Wednesday, November 23
Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Missy Dempsey, Sam Phelps & Zoe
Photos: Joey Middleton
Branding & Digital: Szebastian.Com
Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher | Soundcloud