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What is your why?

It sounds like one of the most simple questions, but it’s so powerful that it can determine any outcome and the understanding behind every outcome.

A lot of business leaders and inspirational speakers talk about “the why,” behind a product or action and how this is what gravitates an outcome to it.

If you can put the time into understanding your why – your personal why and the “why” behind your business project or any project for that matter. You’ll find that the more you pay attention to this, naturally, the results and outcomes you desire will happen!

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Happy New Year everyone!

How did you spend it? I’m guessing most of you made New Years Resolutions? Did you know that stats say that 80% of resolutions fail by February? So we’re halfway on the way to failing already!

It was New Years Resolutions that actually inspired this episode. The very fact that when it comes to the end of one year and the beginning of the next, we make goals, resolutions, lists of things we want to achieve by the end of the next year. Naturally, this sets expectations.

What I’m more interested in, and where I feel I can bring you some value is, the conversation you’re having with yourself around these expectations. It’s a lot more important than you think. These words or goals we may put on paper is a promise we want (and hope) to make to ourselves. And when we don’t achieve these or set out to achieve these, this is where it impacts our self-esteem and crushes our hope. If you can, be mindful of your micro goals. Focus on the little steps. Break down the big goals into realistic and achievable steps.

Now, go have a loving conversation with yourself.

Ginni xo

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When you move to a bigger city, everything is amplified. More people, more cars on the road, more fashion….more happy and even more crazy.

Even though the initial move is exciting as you’re about to embark on a new adventure, when the excitement is over, human beings naturally tend to be complacent. The excitement dies down and we give into the daily grind. There’s so many things that are being communicated to us. So many opportunities to be kinder that we let pass us by…even in the slightest exchange.

There’s always a opportunity to be that little bit kinder. It doesn’t always have to be about money. It can be simple as smiling at a stranger. That’s completely free. There’s so many expressions, in so many cities and flavours all around the world – especially at this time. So, I’m going to leave you with this thought before the holidays. When you wake up each day, think to yourself, how can I be that little bit kinder? Is there someone I can smile at today?

Smile. It can make someone’s day. Especially yours.

Ginni xo

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This Episode is about resistance to the one thing that is only consistent in our lives – Change. My belief is that there are two types of humans – those who live in curiosity and those who take curiosity as a gateway to opportunity, evolution and experiences. Sometimes those who live in curiosity as just happy doing that. They’re happy living vicariously through others and it brings them joy that they can do that. And then there are those who make commentary, judgements and form unhealthy dialogue. Generally it’s because it’s coming from a place of regret or resentment that they weren’t able to live out their dreams for whatever reason.

The point of this episode is to encourage you. If you’re not doing something or living a life that makes you truly happy because you’re worried about what others will say – stop. It’s enough. You’ve lived your whole life this way and nothing is going to miraculously change. Unless you change the amount of validation and weight that you carry in other people’s beliefs about the way you life your life.

Surround yourself with your boldest cheerleaders. That unconditional support you get from your tribe. Fill your mind and your space with those voices, that energy – because at the end of the day, if you’re truly happy doing what you do and many moments of your life hold that joy, everything else, simply doesn’t matter.

Go be you. Go be happy. You don’t need mine or anyone else’s permission.

Ginni xo

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It was so awesome to have The Ginni Show return last Wednesday. And this week, Monday Mocha is back! Monday Mocha is an opportunity I have to sit down and have a coffee with an awesome individual who is doing something inspiring in the world. I love starting my Monday’s with such inspirational chats and of course, an excuse to drink copious amounts of coffee! This week, I have a coffee with Christopher Plowman, the CEO of popular meditation app Insight Timer. He’s a fellow Aussie and he explains just how he came to acquire the meditation app, how meditation has helped him in life and of course, we find out if he takes his phone to the bathroom with him.

Connect with Chris @christoplowman

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How are you? No really, how are you? I think sometimes, that phrase is used quite flippantly as a way to start a conversation rather than make it the focus of the conversation.

If we were actually using the phrase, “How are you,” and paying extra attention to the response, then the need for a day where you ask people how they are and make it your focus wouldn’t be necessary.

If we’re aware of ourselves more and how we feel, we’re aware of others and how they feel. It becomes difficult to navigate through our emotions, our day to day thoughts, our pre existing though patterns if we lack that very thing; self awareness.

It’s the key to many openings – your strengths, your weaknesses, what you need to work on, what makes you happen, what you need. If you’re self aware, you are well on your way to authentic power.

In a lot of the podcasts I do, I encourage everyone to take time out of their day for themselves. To spend with themselves. I truly want everyone to get to know the essence of how they are, and that takes time and focus. This can be done through meditation, or if that’s not your flavour, sports, reading or just sitting in silence for 30 minutes. It’s perhaps the most important tool you will have.

This episode is a little different to others. I’ve taken a more “serious,” tone to it because I’m serious about you living the happiest life possible for you.

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