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Over the past three weeks, the world has been either in a state of shock, fear…some are seeking to be positive and others are just in a total state of W.T.F.

I didn’t want to make this podcast about politics, but instead I wanted to use what was going on around us to take time to see what was reflected within us.

With the constant fear inspiring rhetoric we hear in our news feeds and from our leaders, of course, it’s natural to be freaking the F out.

Sometimes the only way to combat such negativity is to start with ourselves. See where it is within us the places we started to build walls around our hearts and our lives. Where did we become intolerant of others out of anger or hate? Because they shared a difference of opinion or political belief? At what time did we separate ourselves from everyone else? Where did we fail to be the best person we could be and use love, peace and thoughtfulness as the foundation. If each and every one of us begin to cultivate that kind of unity within – what is without will begin to reflect that.

It’s the series finale of The Ginni Show and I wanted to say thank you to all of you for tuning in, for inviting me into your spaces, your homes, your cars and your bathrooms – Hola to the toilet phone users out there. Laugh and love that little bit harder and take extra care of yourselves and one another these holidays.

I’ll see you in January 2017.

Ginni xox

NEXT EPISODE: Season Two Returning January 2017
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