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Do you take your phone into the bathroom with you? We are now in an era where we have more communication streams than ever before. Each day as technology advances, more gadgets are advanced and invented – our dependence on a devise increases, but our focus on actively interacting and communicating effortlessly decreases.

Gone are the days where we only had one way of communicating when and where to catch up for coffee. International Dialling is crystal clear. We are now at a stage where going to the bathroom involves a connection to something digital.

This episode has a little toilet humour. We get up close and personal with our guests and find out just who takes their phone to the bathroom with them and the obsession behind social media posting and reactions.

Join Monique Olmo and returning guests Britni Lesha, Tab Wolod, Ilea Matthews, Rachel Fennimore and Mams Taylor in an episode about how sometimes we need to disconnect from things to connect with ourselves.

Featured Guests:


Monique Olmo (@birdie2fly )

Returning Guests:tgs-blog-post-ilea-matthews001

Ilea Matthews (@(@ileamatthews)tgs-blog003

Rachel Fennimore (@Fennimas)


Mams Taylor (@MamsTaylor)

tgs-brtiniBritni Lesha (@britnilesha)

tgs-tabTab Wolod

NEXT EPISODE: Wednesday, November 9 – Open Up The Present

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Mams Taylor, Britni Lesha, Tab Wolod,  Ilea Matthews, Rachel Fennimore, Monique Olmo & Missy Dempsey
Photos: Joey Middleton

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