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This Monday Mocha is a story of quite a powerful manifestation. Meet Chris Frederick, a boy from Ohio, middle America. Growing up with the person who left the biggest heart print on him; his mother, he came out to her when he was 17, just a few months before they were set to head out on a trip to New York.

The special moment that was awaiting them both turned out to actually be a moment that would not only shape Chris Frederick’s history…..but the actual history of New York City Pride. Chris experienced his first pride, in New York, alongside his beloved mother. He was immersed in the colour, community and celebration of what it is to be you. Little did this boy from Ohio know that a decade later, he would be the Managing Director of New York City Pride.

I love this story and I hope it gives your Monday just what it needs.

“Pride is the single moment the community comes together and rallies behind this identity and cause for wanting to be accepted by the world.”

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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Chris Frederick, Missy Dempsey & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
NEXT EPISODE: April 24: Monday Mocha with Robyn Exton
Photos: Joey Middleton