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It’s time for the next instalment in the Monday Mocha Series. One of the reasons why I wanted to start this particular series is to help change the attitude and resistance we have towards Monday which is essentially the mentality we go into the week with. By chatting to an inspiring individual, taking time out to have a coffee or a break – it’s a good way to ease into your week.

“Every single person that I’ve ever worked with that I see the light go on and they’re more themselves, that leaves a heart print on me each time.

Here’s our first Aussie who’s actually in Australia. In Episode 12 of The Ginni Show Wednesday podcast, I talked about meeting my first spiritual teacher in a body at a Night Club. Now when I say “in a body,” I’m not saying that other teachers are body-less per say, but I mean that they are in human form. Being raised a Catholic, technically, Jesus was my first spiritual teacher but he wasn’t in a body – I never actually met him in person. This episode we meet my first spiritual teacher – Parvati Sundari. When I met her on the dance floor at The Wharf Hotel in Melbourne, there was an instant connection. It felt like I had known her before. Now, not only is she still a teacher to me, she’s also a wonderful confidant, healer, soul coach and mate. I hope the joy in this interview spreads to your day and your week!

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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Parvati Sundari & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
NEXT EPISODE: Excuse, me? – Wednesday, March 1
Photos: Joey Middleton

#2 We all have closets to come out of

Coming out of the closet has been a much celebrated step in the declaration of love in modern day. Going through life, we all have things about ourselves that we fear sharing with the world, or more to the point, fear coming out with. So we all can have a coming out story.

Ginni takes you on a journey of a few coming out stories with comedian Bobby Macumber and Artist Parvati Sundari – from coming out as being pregnant and being spiritual teacher . Some were very public. Some private and some via text message.

Featured guests:

bobby-macumber-500x500Bobby Macumber @bobbymacumber

Parvati Sundari @parvatisundari

NEXT EPISODE: Saying No to No Is the New Black.
Wednesday, October 12.

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Features Voices of: Ginni Saraswati, Bobby Macumber, Parvati Sundari
Photos: Joey Middleton

Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher | Soundcloud