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There’s really nothing like a good vent. It’s the start of a process to a solution. But many of us start that process and just stay at the step of venting which can leads to loads of negativity and frustration – especially when others don’t agree with our point of view.

In the episode, we explore the themes of the fine line between venting and b*&ching and the ways we can express how we feel in a way that seeks a solution rather than approval.

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Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Missy Dempsey, Sam Phelps, Kim McInnes & Emma Dawson
Photos: Joey Middleton
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Kicking of the first of The Monday Mocha Series today. It’s a chance to have a break from my Aunties, Ammi and 170 cousins and hear the journey of an inspiring individual from some part of the world. As you all know, I love talking. A lot. It’s very apparent with the regular Wednesday podcasts. The reason for starting the Monday Mocha podcast is that through the teachings and lessons I have the privilege of sharing with you every week that have come from my teachers; I am still a student in pursuit of more knowledge, self awareness and tools to cultivate more of the good things we need more of in this world. Each Monday, I’ll be having a chat to a guest who has much wisdom to share that we can all benefit from – to light up our day that little bit brighter.

It will literally feel like you’re sitting right there, having coffee with us. So c’mon, let’s have a Mocha!

Side note – I know my Melbourne peeps are probably throwing me a bit of shade and judgement with their coffee palates. I hear you. But I stand true to the fact that a Mocha is a REAL coffee.

“I would rather teach and coach someone to take up space in the room and be big in the room than dealing with a fearful ego.”

My first guest is the world’s first Chief Heart Officer – Claude Silver. She’s not quite the conventional Heart Surgeon as her title may imply, but her procedural and operating skills on the heart have a different kind of touch to the scalpel and defribulator. Claude’s role is to assist in building the best human empire in the history of time by building a space where employees feel physically and psychologically safe to be their best selves. She coaches and guides to touch the lives of those who work at VaynerMedia – one of the hottest digital agencies in the world, each and every day.

Follow Claude: @claudesilver

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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Claude Silver & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
NEXT EPISODE: Venting or B*&%ing – Wednesday, February 1
Photos: Joey Middleton


When door to door salesmen or Jehovas Witness’ would knock on our door, instead of engaging in the conversation and assertively saying, “No, Thank you,” in speaking her truth, Ammi used to just claim that she, “No Speak English.”

I’ve found that daily, there are situations that can bring us discomfort and that yucky feeling of unease when the universe presents us with a situation or circumstance to actually speak up in line with our “truth.”

Now, people get a little funny and think I’m saying “Thou shalt speak your truth,” in such a tone. I’m not that fancy. When I say, “speak your truth,” I’m referring to speaking up about how you really feel. Assertively, empoweringly and honestly in the context of a particular situation.

Last season, you wantedI additional tips would be beneficial to your journey so I’ve included in a few in this episode too. Oh and yes, Ammi, my aunties and my 170 cousins will be making frequent guest appearances.

@theginnishow xxx

NEXT EPISODE: Wednesday, February 1
Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Missy Dempsey, Sam Phelps, Kim McInnes & Emma Dawson
Photos: Joey Middleton

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I used to be very quiet in my pre-teen years. I was the quiet, unassuming student; the one that would be called “oh so obedient,” during parent/teacher interviews.

Even in my first month of kindergarten, I was so shy that the teachers tried to get me to talk by distracting me with sesame street toys and shiny objects.

Then one day, I was on the school playground and it was my turn to go on the swing. The teachers were delighted because they all seemed to be playing a game of, “Let’s see who can get Ginni to talk.”

I was the shy, chubby Sri Lankan girl who kept to herself and played quietly with the other kids. One of the teachers began her schmoozing; buttering me up so I would finally saying something out aloud. She tried asking me about television, my parents, food – she played all the right cards. Then, she finally exhausted all attempts and said, “Do you talk at all, Ginni?”

I finally gave in and shouted “Yes!” This was met with a look of relief on her face. She probably had gloating points for a whole year and was made the “Diversity Co-Ordinator,” at that school after that moment. You go girl.

Since then, for me, it’s gone from “Let’s see who can make Ginni talk,” to “Let’s see who can shut Ginni up.” What a journey.

And the same goes for podcasting! A lot of entrepreneurs now are turning to podcasting. It’s a great way to share the great knowledge you already have and network with other professionals, experts and colleagues in your industry.

As one of my favourite leaders – Gary Vaynerchuck says; with business these days; it’s likely that you’re a media company first. And podcasting is one of the many, many digital mediums we can use to be that kind of company. To commentate, inform and share key points of information about our industry.

Having worked for both live to air broadcast radio at commercial and community stations, I’ve found that podcasting is a great platform that breaks the usual censorship and red tape you have to be mindful of when it comes to the industry regulators the station faces. How you distribute your content and allocate time for your guests and sponsors is entirely up to you – if there is no affiliation with another station or broadcaster.

Podcasting allows you to share all your information with potential customers and existing clients in a more personalised way. The human voice has an influence and a tone of emotion that cannot be conveyed by text – no matter how much you can channel Hemmingway or Shakespeare in your writing.  This way, you have your listener’s attention. You have an exclusive human connection.

This is the place where The Ginni Show is different from your entrepreneurial podcast. Firstly, the content on the show is not really selling you any product, other than stories of myself and ridiculously large family. It’s these things that got you to my site and to the podcast in the first place. The fact that you take time out to listen to the show;to listen to me. In my shows I try to provide content in a way that’s unique but also universal in how it connects us all through it’s themes. Even though I’m telling my story – in my story, there is a shade of your story. That’s the most valuable connection we will have; more than any further leads or revenue; the connection of humanity.



We’ve seen dynamic duos, fantastic friendship groups and the people you call “ride or die.” Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life, some of them stay for a season but it’s evident that each relationship we have in our life is for a reason.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to share many close friendships – not all of them are still around, some of them have faded. As these relationships were changing, I grew sad, unhappy and was clinging on for dear life that they wouldn’t change. But they unfortunately did. This episode explores the friendships that you outgrow, the friendships that evolve as you evolve and how you form your ride or die squad.

NEXT EPISODE: The Ginni Show Season Finale
Wednesday, November 23
Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Missy Dempsey, Sam Phelps & Zoe
Photos: Joey Middleton
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Do you take your phone into the bathroom with you? We are now in an era where we have more communication streams than ever before. Each day as technology advances, more gadgets are advanced and invented – our dependence on a devise increases, but our focus on actively interacting and communicating effortlessly decreases.

Gone are the days where we only had one way of communicating when and where to catch up for coffee. International Dialling is crystal clear. We are now at a stage where going to the bathroom involves a connection to something digital.

This episode has a little toilet humour. We get up close and personal with our guests and find out just who takes their phone to the bathroom with them and the obsession behind social media posting and reactions.

Join Monique Olmo and returning guests Britni Lesha, Tab Wolod, Ilea Matthews, Rachel Fennimore and Mams Taylor in an episode about how sometimes we need to disconnect from things to connect with ourselves.

Featured Guests:


Monique Olmo (@birdie2fly )

Returning Guests:tgs-blog-post-ilea-matthews001

Ilea Matthews (@(@ileamatthews)tgs-blog003

Rachel Fennimore (@Fennimas)


Mams Taylor (@MamsTaylor)

tgs-brtiniBritni Lesha (@britnilesha)

tgs-tabTab Wolod

NEXT EPISODE: Wednesday, November 9 – Open Up The Present

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Mams Taylor, Britni Lesha, Tab Wolod,  Ilea Matthews, Rachel Fennimore, Monique Olmo & Missy Dempsey
Photos: Joey Middleton

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A massage is a very personal experience. We allow someone into our personal space and are at full trust that they will honour and protect our personal space just as much as we do. Although, from time to time, and hopefully not too often, we encounter those who either do not have an idea of what personal space is and they feel they have a right to invade or intrude because they have merely received an invitation to enter.

What I found chatting to my guests this week and with people in general, when an invasion of personal space has occurred, we fear speaking up. Again, guilt is a common motivator but it’s also the projection that those who are being invaded feel that the issue is with them. This leads them not to speak up.

Join Ilea Matthews, Rachel Fennimore, Jennifer Ariemma and returning favourite Britni Lesha, Tab Wolod and Michele Musso as we all tell you about our massages to remember.

Featured Guests:


Ilea Matthews (@ileamatthews)


Jen Ariemma (@JenAriemma)


Rachel Fennimore (@Fennimas)


Returning Guests:

tgs-brtiniBritni Lesha (@britnilesha)

tgs-tabTab Wolod

tgs-tghMichele Musso (@michelemusso_)

NEXT EPISODE: Disconnect to Connect
Wednesday, November 2

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati,Britni Lesha, Tab Wolod,  Ilea Matthews, Rachel Fennimore, Michele Musso, Jen Ariemma & Sam Phelps
Photos: Joey Middleton

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Everyone has a a creative streak in them. Some of us either lose it along the way because we become distracted with our 9 to 5 job or career path and some of us forget about that part of us, altogether. When we are in touch with our inner child, our creativity soars. Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean artistic – you can be a creative problem solver, a creative organiser…you just have to find where it lies within you!

Episode #4 – Living La Vida Creative talks about the fear we have around our creative self and some tools to take that much dreaded leap.


Featured Guests:


Nora Hooper


Mams Taylor (@MamsTaylor)


Ken Schneck (@ThisShowIsSoGay)


Susan Surftone (@SusanSurftone)

NEXT EPISODE: A Massage To Remember
Wednesday, October 26.

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Bobby Macumber, Britni Lesha, Nora Hooper, Tab Wolod,  Kate Bollard, Szebastian Onne
Photos: Joey Middleton

Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher | Soundcloud

#1 A Ginni In A Bottle

She’s like A Ginni in a bottle…except she doesn’t grant wishes. Sorry about that.

Join Ginni as she takes you on a journey of a young Sri Lankan immigrant woman growing up in Australia. Meet her aunties. Her 170 cousins (and still counting) and her love for ninja turtle figurines. This episode explores our adaptation to change, culture, our expectations and urges you to take notice of the inner child within you.
Featured Guests:

Kate Bollard (@katebollard)

Szebastian Onne (@szebastianonne)

Wednesday, October 5.

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Features Voices of: Ginni Saraswati, Chantelle Perera & Sam Phelps
Photos: Joey Middleton

Some of the content of this episode has been inspired from:

  • Inside the Mind of Ginni Saraswati (not a book but her actual mind)
  • Empowering Relationships – Shakti Durga (an actual book)

Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher