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Kicking of the first of The Monday Mocha Series today. It’s a chance to have a break from my Aunties, Ammi and 170 cousins and hear the journey of an inspiring individual from some part of the world. As you all know, I love talking. A lot. It’s very apparent with the regular Wednesday podcasts. The reason for starting the Monday Mocha podcast is that through the teachings and lessons I have the privilege of sharing with you every week that have come from my teachers; I am still a student in pursuit of more knowledge, self awareness and tools to cultivate more of the good things we need more of in this world. Each Monday, I’ll be having a chat to a guest who has much wisdom to share that we can all benefit from – to light up our day that little bit brighter.

It will literally feel like you’re sitting right there, having coffee with us. So c’mon, let’s have a Mocha!

Side note – I know my Melbourne peeps are probably throwing me a bit of shade and judgement with their coffee palates. I hear you. But I stand true to the fact that a Mocha is a REAL coffee.

“I would rather teach and coach someone to take up space in the room and be big in the room than dealing with a fearful ego.”

My first guest is the world’s first Chief Heart Officer – Claude Silver. She’s not quite the conventional Heart Surgeon as her title may imply, but her procedural and operating skills on the heart have a different kind of touch to the scalpel and defribulator. Claude’s role is to assist in building the best human empire in the history of time by building a space where employees feel physically and psychologically safe to be their best selves. She coaches and guides to touch the lives of those who work at VaynerMedia – one of the hottest digital agencies in the world, each and every day.

Follow Claude: @claudesilver

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Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Claude Silver & Sam Phelps
Produced by: Sam Phelps
NEXT EPISODE: Venting or B*&%ing – Wednesday, February 1
Photos: Joey Middleton


The word “No,” is the single most powerful word in the English language. It has just as much power when it’s used and when it’s isn’t used. A lot of us have trouble saying “No,” when it comes to doing things for people we can’t do or particularly don’t want to do. Sometimes we choose to allow things to happen without saying No, and over time we form of the habit of saying No to No.

Episode #3 – Saying No to No is the New Black; demonstrates the effects of when you say No to No instead of Yes to No. Know what I mean? Just listen.

Featured Guests:

tgs-brtiniBritni Lesha (@britnilesha)

Nora Hooper (@norahooper)

tgs-tabTab Wolod

tgs-tghMichele Musso (@michelemusso_)

Returning Guests:

Kate Bollard (@katebollard)

s-pictureSzebastian Onne (@szebastianonne)

NEXT EPISODE: Feeding Sanity: Creative Living
Wednesday, October 19.

Produced by: Sam Phelps
Featured Voices: Ginni Saraswati, Bobby Macumber, Britni Lesha, Nora Hooper, Tab Wolod, Kate Bollard, Szebastian Onne
Photos: Joey Middleton

Available on: iTunes | Spreaker | Stitcher | Soundcloud